Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things that are wrong with the world today (Thursday, February 02, 2006)

Ok, I'm sorry, but this has to be said. If you don't agree with me then fine, but don't bitch about it, I have the right to free speech just like everyone else:
I hate how only white people can be considered racists, when everyone is racist toward us. Its perfectly fine for black & hispanic comedians to make racial jokes about everyone, but if a white guy did it, he would immediately be shot down & called a racist. Its absolute bullshit. Plus, you can get scholarships & grants & stuff for being just about any other race besides white. If that isn't discrimination I don't know what is. I like being white, but that doesn't mean I discriminate against blacks, hispanics, asians, etc...I have friends of many different races, and I find it cool that each of us can have pride in our own race.
Political correctness. Its gotten to the point that nobody can say anything anymore. People should seriously grow a pair and get over it if they are offended. Seriously, if something offends you, it doesn't mean it offends EVERYONE. So stop crying. Please. Before everyone quits opinionating. Because isn't the right to free speech one of the things that makes this country great? Please, for the love of God and America, say what you really mean!
Feminism. And the fact that in order to be a "strong woman" you have to be a manly he-bitch. Boys and girls are different. Get over it. Sameness will never be achieved, because we are DIFFERENT. And thats the way it should be. Some things men do better than women, and some things women do better than men. There are always exceptions of course, but I do not think that we should be trying to create sameness between the sexes. That isn't realistic. We were built differently for a reason.
The whole gay thing. Just for the record, I have no problem with you if you are gay. If that is what you like, go for it! Do what you like, just don't tell me about it. Sex talk should be reserved for the bedroom and possibly your closest friends. I don't want explicit information about my straight friends' sexual lives, so why do you think I want to hear about yours? When you start identifying yourself as "gay" as some kind of subculture, I think you've gotten out of hand. I don't walk up to people and blurt out that I'm straight. I think that EVERYONE'S sex life should stay "in the closet." I mean, have you ever seen a "straight pride" parade? No. So please, if you swing on the other side of the fence, keep it to yourself. Its not a life style, its a sexual preference

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