Thursday, July 17, 2008

The best song I ever sang in high school (Thursday, December 13, 2007)

OK, I know this is random, but I have this favorite song that I did for a solo at festival my junior year. I absolutely love it, in all its creepy glory, but it really is the most beautiful song ever...and I'm not usually one to like opera. But anyway, if anyone can think of an appropriate time for me to perform this song again, please let me know. (I know, I'm weird. I've heard it before.)
These are the lyrics:

The sun has fallen and it lies in blood.
The moon is weaving bandages of gold.
Oh, black swan.
Where oh where has my lover gone?
Torn and tattered is my bridal gown.
And my lamp is lost.
And my lamp is lost.
With silver needle and with silver thread,
The stars weave a shroud for the dying sun.
Oh, black swan.
Where oh where has my lover gone?
I had given him a kiss of fire,
And a golden ring.
And a golden ring.
Have you heard your lover moan?
Eyes of glass and feet of stone.
Shells for teeth and weeds for tongue.
Deep deep down in the river's bed,
He searches for the ring
Eyes wide open.
Never asleep.
He searches for the ring.
Searches for the ring.
The spools unravel and the needles break.
The sun is buried and the stars weep.
Oh black wave, oh black wave,
Take me away with you.
I will share with you my golden hair,
And my bridal crown,
And my bridal crown
Take me down to my wandering lover,
With my child unborn.
With my child unborn.

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