Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am seriously sick of celebrities demanding special treatment. If you are an American, you've probably been bombarded with news stories talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z's new bundle of joy. Congratulations to them, I'm sure they love their little girl. Being a new parent is an amazing, indescribable feeling. However, I was infuriated when reading several articles detailing the ridiculous demands that these two made, paying the hospital 1.3 million US dollars for special treatment that ruined the experience for several other new parents and put hospital security in jeopardy. They rented a whole floor (taking up rooms where other people could have gone), demanded that tape be put over security cameras (it's a good thing no one walked off with any newborns!), and also demanded that hospital staff turn in their cell phones. Their bodyguards also prevented a new father from visiting his premature twins in the NICU because they wanted to use the hallway. Why didn't Beyonce just have her baby at home and hire a doctor or an army of midwives? She has the money, and it wouldn't have resulted in a hospital bending its rules, jeopardizing its security, and disregarding the needs of other patients. I don't care how rich or talented Beyonce is. Her baby is valuable, but no more so than any other! How dare she decide that her needs could trample those of other people! In a hospital, celebrities should be treated as patients and nothing more! I'm so glad that I don't live anywhere near where overrated celebrities live and deem themselves more important than anyone else. Beyonce, I was never a fan anyway but now I will definitely not be buying any of your merchandise. Ever. UGH!


Heidi said...

I understand your point of view! I felt like the room where she gave birth, looked more like a hotel room, which is ridiculous

Ginger with a soul said...

Exactly! Why does she get a nicer room than all the other mothers? I suppose money can buy whatever you want, but why did she need that?