Monday, January 30, 2012

I am an anti-feminist because...

1. I'm actually quite fond of my father, husband, grandfathers, male cousins, and male friends.

2. I do not believe that American women are at all oppressed! You want to see oppression? Visit Afghanistan. You are not "being oppressed" because you are expected to dress appropriately at work.

3. I am against no-fault divorce. There should be a damn good reason for breaking your vows. No, the need to go out and "find yourself" is not a good reason.

4. I enjoy the traditional roles that my husband and I have in our family. He works, I work part time and spend most of my time taking care of our home and our child. He consults me about household decisions, but the final say is his. My daughter and I are well taken care of, and we love and appreciate our "patriarch."

5. I do not believe in abortion. Every life has value, no matter how they came to be, who their birth parents are, or what disability they have. For those of you who blather about it being a`"woman's right" to choose, what about the man? What about the BABY? What could such a tiny innocent being do to deserve such a fate?

6. I do not believe in the notion that marriage and motherhood oppress women. I am a homemaker and I love it!

7. I believe that mothers and fathers have equally important roles in a child's life. Without one or the other, you can tell that something is missing in a child's life. I've been around enough children to know this!

8. I believe that men and women are equally important but made differently. There are always exceptions, but women and men typically bring different gifts to a relationship.

9. I believe that men and women were made to complement each other. The current "battle of the sexes" society makes me sad. Why battle one another when we fit together so well?

10. I do not believe that every man has a desire to rape women! Men are not all dangerous. Most are just regular guys. Husbands, fathers, friends...there is no reason to be suspicious of each and every one.

Men and women should be considered equally important in society, but it has been proven time and time again that we are very different. I strongly believe that God made us that way for a reason, and feminism has made millions of women very unsatisfied with their lives by spouting their propaganda and insisting that the opposite is true.

Men: Not all women want to dominate you and take you for all you've got.

Women: Do yourselves a favor and stop listening to feminist propaganda. You will be a much happier person.


Kassie Dill said...

you are so cool! Love the blog! i hope to get back to making vids soon just been prego and exhausted! Cant wait to read more of what you write!

Ginger with a soul said...

Thank you! I haven't been on blogger much because I've got serious writers block, but I've been posting to tumblr (mostly pretty pictures and fluff). I am considering posting in both places when I want to post text though:-)