Thursday, July 17, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not broken... (Wednesday, March 29, 2006)

I just want to say....
thank you.
To these people:
The playground bullies that teased me mercilessly: Because of you, I now fight back when someone wrongs me. I take no shit from anyone, least of all punk ass little bitches like yourselves.
The people that were desperately searching for someone with imperfections to torment so they could feel better about themselves. In other words, the people who called me "fat" because I grew up faster than they did: Because of you, I worked out like a fiend. I burned away every last inch of unneeded flesh. My body is now sharp and angular, yet soft in places that attract male attention. My cheekbones are sharp and defined, as are my muscles. Most of you are now twice the size of me.
To the men who cheated on me: Because of you I now know the signs of a player, and I avoid those men like the plague. I have no tolerance for infidelity, and I smile with satisfaction knowing the fate of these so called "playaz." You may think you're cool now, but once you catch herpes or knock someone up who you've known for six hours and get sued for child support, your life isn't as glamourous.
To the users, abusers, and controllers: Because of you, I now know exactly what I want in a man. At the first sign of jealousy stemming from insecurity, I am out the door. I don't care if your mother left you or your ex cheated on you. Your childhood is over, and I am not either of them. I am me. I always give a significant other the benefit of the doubt. After all, in America, the standard is that you are innocent until proven guilty.
To those snobby "beautiful" girls who looked down their noses at me: Because of you, I know how to spot a true potential friend. They are the ones who don't care if you are having a bad hair day, or if you are wearing your designer duds or your scrub clothes, or if you have a "rich" family or a "nice" house or a "hot" boyfriend. A true friend will always see past the looks, the hair, the makeup, the possessions, to what is truly in your heart and mind. They won't ditch you at the first sign of trouble.
To my parents: You have been strict with me, but have instilled a set of values in me that I will never stray from again. You were there for me even when I was at my lowest, at a time when my life revolved around chemicals and depression. You will always love me, no matter what my faults are.
To my true friends: You have stood by me in times of family problems, financial problems, and mental health issues. You were there when we caused trouble together, but you supported me when I wanted to have a better lifestyle. You were always there to offer advice, a shoulder to cry on, and sometimes just listen, and in return, I have been there for you. Old friends and new friends, I love all of you.
To my boyfriend: Thank you for being there, for improving my life so dramatically. I know you get down on yourself, but you are such a great person. You know me better than I know myself, and sometimes that scares me, but it is wonderful at the same time. What our friends say is true. We are meant to be together.
If I have missed anyone, please let me know, and I will acknowledge them in future blogs if I have the time. I am at a somewhat troubling point in my life right now, but I have decided to buck up and count my blessings, instead of dwell on the bad stuff. Life is beautiful, even if it isn't always peachy.
Thank you for your time.

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