Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am disgusted and appalled

The other day I read something online that made me absolutely sick. A woman in Massachusetts who suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia was told in court that she would be forced to abort her 5 month old unborn baby and undergo a forced sterilization! In AMERICA! The country that was once free...

Luckily, a higher court ruled that a judge could not force anyone to do that. Thank God! This young woman and child need help, not harm for the woman and a bloody end for the child!
Where are the so-called pro-choice people on this issue? Why aren't they making a fuss about this? Forced abortion and sterilization is not "choice," it is control. It is government control over reproduction and the lives of children. This poor woman is also a Catholic, so her religious freedom was also being violated. Practicing Catholics are strictly pro-life. The judge, (who should be disbarred) said that her beliefs likely stemmed from her mental problems. WHAT? Never mind that her first psychotic break came after an abortion she'd had previously, which if you look at statistics, isn't uncommon!

Here is the link to the article:


And here is the transcript of the vomit-inducing conversation I had on facebook after posting the link there:

Me: This is horrible! I can't believe things like this are happening in our once free country! I'm glad this was overturned!

Old Acquaintance: Yeah, nothing better than allowing a nutcase to breed . . . also, our country is far from free.

Me: I said "once free." And no one should be able to force someone else to have their baby ripped from them if it is against their beliefs.

Old Acquaintance: I disagree -- there are far too many people in this country reproducing that really shouldn't be. No where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights does it state that you have a right to just spit out kids regardless of your lack of ability to raise them. Her beliefs could very well stem from her delusional disorder, which is certainly a huge problem with her having a child. I almost even agree with the forced sterilization. This woman has a disorder that she needs to be responsible about and yes, it does come with many sacrifices -- including, not having children. The only issue I have with controlling reproduction is the fact that it would likely be controlled by the government and they're a bunch of worthless fucks as it is.

Me: The National Socialists forced sterilizations and abortions on "undesirables." Then they moved on to the ones that had already been born. Is that what kind of society you want to live in? This woman was also off her medication. When she has her baby (which by the way at 5 months has a good chance at survival outside the womb with medical care) she will go back on her medication and her situation can be reevaluated. This young woman and child need help, not harm. (This response was liked by a friend who is a single mother)

Old Acquaintance: I'm aware that the implications of it being actually put into mass effect are no good, which is why I don't advocate it on that scale. Our society and government has its own ways of weeding out the undesirables and fucking us over -- that's a fact of life no matter where you go. Let's go ahead and be idealistic, and pretend that fair actually happens, instead of looking at the facts. This woman has a very serious mental disorder and the prognosis for her ability to raise her child is very poor. Should that, in fact, turn out to be the case -- the child then becomes the problem of the state -- a problem for the taxpayers; the mother may even fall into that same boat, if she isn't already. Every life is precious; which is why you should not bring one into the world if you are not capable of caring for it. I know this sounds harsh, but reality is harsh.

Me: One more thing. What about all the people who are adopted who have wonderful lives despite how inept their birth parents may have been? With that, I think we will have to just agree to disagree. My mind is made up, and I think yours is too.

My Best Friend: So I was adopted. My mother was too young to have me and she could have easily gotten rid of me by abortion! She choose to give me to a family that couldn't have children. I wouldn't be here if she had chosen to kill me! Abortion is wrong!!! It is a living, breathing person in the mother's womb! It is murder no matter how you look at it! No one should ever force an abortion. I am appalled!

After this, the acquaintance had no more to say, and my friend and I began talking about our children's ultrasounds, and how alive they were at just 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. with their little heartbeats, actions, and responses. Which was a nice change from the start of that Facebook conversation!

I get really angry with people who think of new lives, children, as just burdens on women, society, and the environment. I just can't believe that people with the acquaintance's opinion about human life still exist in today's world. With all the "everyone has value" messages and all the scientific evidence that life begins in the womb, how on Earth can someone basically say that the life of a child with a mentally unstable birth mother has no value? How many young, unstable women have given birth to perfectly normal babies and given them to childless couples who love them, nurture them, and give them a good life? How many people who grow up with an unstable parent still have much to offer the world? What I really don't understand is how this person can constantly argue for "tolerance," and "acceptance" of people with differences, such as gays, bisexuals, and transgenders, but insist that people with other mental differences should be sterilized? And furthermore, as someone with no children, who doesn't really seem to desire to have children, why does she think she is the expert on who should be reproducing? If she doesn't want children, I think that it is her right to use birth control to prevent becoming pregnant, but it is no one's right, especially not the government's, to prevent people who want babies from having them, or order them to kill the babies they are already carrying!

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