Friday, April 24, 2009

generic careers


So...when I was a little girl, every year in school we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Here were the answers:

"A teacher!"

"A ballerina!"

"A mom!"

"A dentist!"

"A doctor!"

"A veterinarian!"

"An astronaut!"

"A hairstylist!"

"A farmer!"

And the list goes on.
Some of the kids were dreamers, yes, but the point here is this: they chose simple, straightforward career paths. what do teachers do? They teach. What do doctors do? They help sick people. (and other stuff but you know what I mean.) What do hairstylists do? They do hair. What do farmers do? They farm the land.

So now what do these kids do? It seems many people have some sort of vague name for what it is they do all day. "Oh I'm a marketing director." "I'm a human resources representative." "I'm a personal assistant." What exactly are these things? And what little kid would ever say "One day I'm going to be a human resources representative." Wtf?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is everyone doing????

So, now there are all these people out of work...who "cant get jobs!" Why not?

There is (and has been for awhile, even before the depression):

A shortage of teachers

A shortage of child care providers.

A shortage of nurses

A shortage of doctors

A shortage of healthcare professionals in general...

A shortage of mechanics

A shortage of machinists

A shortage of pretty much anyone who can BUILD or FIX anything...


So let me get this straight.

For many, many years, there has been a shortage of people to teach, people to take care of our health, people to take care of our children, people to build, people to fix whats broken...

So my question is...if these people are needed so badly and have been for so long...


Spending money, apparently.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Next time you insult my state...

...Look at what the hell is wrong with yours!


Why is it that all the "red" states, the "backwoods crazy unenlightened" states have the LOWER crime rates, LOWER amounts of people addicted to drugs, CLEANER air, HARDIER people, and MORE BEAUTIFUL surroundings?

Answer me that?

Sure, your state might have been beautiful once, California Girl, but you've RUINED it by being so "enlightened," so "environmentally conscious," and so "informed."

My home state, like any other place has its problems, but don't think you're coming off as "cool" because you insult it. This place is my home. Think about what you're saying before it comes out of your mouth. You're not coming off as cool to me. Its more along the lines of "stupid bitch."

Just thought I'd throw that out there!