Thursday, July 17, 2008

Curves (Sunday, January 13, 2008)

Lets get one thing straight. I'm a woman with curves. Yes, I am slender, but I have breasts and hips. When I say I have "curves" it does not mean I am overweight. It does not mean I have a curved beer gut. It doesn't even mean that I have meaty arms and legs. It just means I have a feminine shape. What drives me crazy is that when you say "woman with curves" people automatically seem to think of overweight women. Yeah, okay, some women who are overweight still have a feminine shape and carry it well, but others who call themselves "curvy" have no shape whatsoever except in their protruding stomach. So, I was watching "Made" with my mom before I came home yesterday, and there was this extremely overweight girl who wanted to be a dancer. She kept saying "I'm a woman with curves!" She had hardly any breasts and her hips were nonexistent, but she did have some extra her gut! In her thighs that rubbed together enough to make a campfire! But in no way would I call her a woman with curves. And to make matters worse she bitched and moaned all the while that she was doing her excercises to shape up for dance. Ugh! I can't believe the people that get put on television! If you get an opportunity to be on a TV show and taught by professionals to fulfill your dreams, do not bitch about it! Sorry, I know I'm probably being superficial and mean like always but honestly, why make excuses for yourself? At one point (a very short one) in my life I gained a few extra pounds. So, do you know what I did? I didn't bitch and moan every time I had to move. No. I acquired some exercise equipment and a new and improved set of eating habits. Am I completely satisfied with the results? Not always. But most of the time I feel more than adequate. Honestly, I have no discrimination against overweight people. Some people are overweight and perfectly happy about it. Thats really cool. Confidence rocks. But if you're dissatisfied and insecure with your shape, don't make excuses for yourself! And don't call yourself a woman with curves if the only feminine part of your body is your vagina....
Anyways, that will be all for now. I should really quit watching Made. It always pisses me off.

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