Saturday, January 28, 2012


For all you lactaphobes out there, I just want to say that there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding! It is not "gross" or "creepy" or "incestuous" or "backwards." No disrespect to formula-feeding moms (my own mother included!) I'm sure you had your own personal reasons for the way you fed/are feeding your baby. I'm just sick of reading articles by whining women talking about how they didn't breastfeed because they wanted their "fun bags" back, or being pestered for "inconveniently" having to slip away to nurse my baby, or reading a "study" done by a biased news site about how breastfeeding feels "oppressive" to women, or listening to women who don't have children pretend to gag when they see a mother nursing her baby under a shawl. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that breastfeeding is what is best for baby, and guess what? It's natural, normal, inexpensive, and helps get baby to sleep at night! I know that some women have trouble breastfeeding, and I am not dissing those moms at all. Whether you are a nursing mother or an Enfamil mother, your choices for your child's early nutrition should be your own, and not something that others should feel free to comment on! I chose nursing because it came naturally to me, and my husband and I made the decision early on that I would cut the hours I worked in order to look after our house and growing family, so it was convenient for me to nurse and pump one bottle a day for the time I would be away. We've also saved several hundred dollars in the past 9 months by not having to buy baby formula! What could possibly be wrong with that? I don't feel inconvenienced or oppressed, and (yay!) nursing helped me lose all the pregnancy weight.
Anyway, I'm off my soapbox for the day. Baby is napping, husband went to get his hair cut, and I'm going to use this opportunity to take a shower!

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