Thursday, July 17, 2008

The "low-maintenance girl" is a MYTH! (Saturday, November 03, 2007)

Ugh. I am so sick of people either telling me I am high-maintenance because I care about my appearance and guys talking about how they want a low-maintenance girl. Its a fucking myth, people! Yeah, I care about my appearance, but I'm not STUCK on it! I wear makeup, fix my hair nicely, take pride in my clothes, and shave my legs. When I wear a bikini I wax as needed. I use lotions and hair conditioners. I work out. So WHAT? It really doesn't take up much of my time. When I'm done prettifying myself in the morning I move on to bigger and better things. Supposedly the low-maintenance girl doesn't care about her appearance at all. Now, I have friends and family members that do not wear makeup and/or have short hair that requires little combing and whatnot, but even they CARE about the way they look. They don't walk out of the house looking unkempt because they don't care. Next time someone calls me high-maintenance, I'm going to ask which girl they would rather spend time with. Me, a girl who showers every day and tries to look nice, or the COMPLETELY low-maintenance girl, who doesn't shower if it will take up valuable time when she could be sleeping, doesn't wear makeup, or wash her hair with anything but soap (hell, she might not even HAVE hair if she's that low-maintenance), or have a skin care routine, or shave ANYTHING, or work out, or care what she eats. Grrr. My boyfriend seems to be dealing well with the fact that I'm "high-maintenance" and really he seems to enjoy going out with me, and has for several years now. So for certain individuals who call me high maintenance, stop being hypocritical. You want to see girls who look feminine and beautiful, but don't care a whit about how they look when they leave the house. Sorry to tell you but such a girl doesn't exist. Even the most naturally beautiful woman in the world has to care a little bit about her appearance. As for me, my "maintenance" routine is not my main concern in life. My main concern in life is the people in it. And if you want any significance in my life, accept me as I am, high-maintenance or not.

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