Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some thoughts on adoption

I just want to say that I am fully supportive of adoption. I am pro-life and believe that even if two parents have no use for their precious biological baby, someone else will love them. If I find out I can't have any more kids on my own, you can bet I will try and adopt! I have several friends who are either adoptees or who, when they were very young, gave a baby up for adoption to another family. However, I do think that in some cases unethical adoptions take place…for instance when one parent’s rights (usually the father) are denied, or living relatives who may want to raise the child aren’t taken into consideration, or when the biological parents are very young, social workers, agencies, and their own families coerce them into giving up a baby that they very much wanted to raise. I think adoption can be a beautiful, wonderful thing for all parties involved…as long as it is done ethically and no one’s rights are trampled on in the process.

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