Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Enabling is wrong.

26th Jun 2012 | 1 note Hateful brat attacks 3 year old with scissors and chops off her hair, judge says he will reduce her sentence if her mother cuts off her hair, mother whines that punishment was too harsh. Not to mention, this 13 year old had previously been in trouble with the law for threatening to rape and mutilate another girl. Classy. When I was a kid I would have been pushing the little one on the swings or helping her throw a ball. My daughter is 1 now, if a teen did this to her I would have a few harsh words to say to her mother, and if MY kid ever did this (and in my family we teach right from wrong) you can bet there’d be some haircutting. She’d be in a crew cut AND serving the maximum time! The mother is complaining that "an eye for an eye doesn't teach kids right from wrong." Well lady, it looks like YOUR methods aren't exactly working!

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